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Usually, an appointment takes 1,5 hours. In case you need more time or another appointment, we reserve the right to charge a fee of 25,- € per hour or part thereof. The fee is charged only when you buy a dress.

Why do I even need to pay extra, you ask? 

We keep high standards of customer service. We want to fulfill all of your wishes and requirements. 

Therefore, we assign a personal advisor for you to be there to help you, to listen to you, and to give you professional and fashion advice. 

The fee is waived when you buy a dress. This policy helps us to give our most popular date and time slots along with the best shopping experience to really interested brides and avoid appointments made just to have fun. 

Bonus packages. Available at the first appointment only. 

We offer our customers two bonus packages which will help you to save if you make the decision about your a dress at the first appointment:

Package 1: For the decision-makers and Package 2: For the thrifty ones. We will be happy to give you detailed information during your visit. 

These offers are only valid for your first appointment. Should you decide on your dress at a later date and need another appointment/advising time, we will not be able to grant you a discount.

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