1. Do I need an appointment?

Yes, we strongly recommend you book an appointment. Especially on Saturdays, when there might be a fuss in the store and it could be very difficult or even impossible to find time for you without a booking.

2. When should I make an appointment?

The best option would be to book an appointment at least 8-10 months before the wedding. Wedding dresses are very special ones and we sell them in small quantities, so they almost never are stock items. In order to find your dream dress in specific size and color, and to have enough time to make adjustments if needed, we have to order it separately. Manufacturers give different delivery estimates, usually, they vary between 4 and 6 months, also we add some more time to be safe.

There will be no problem in case you have less time before the wedding. We have a very large selection of wedding dresses in our shop and many of these dresses can be adjusted to your size.

3. Is there anything I need to bring to the appointment?

If you have already collected ideas or pictures for your wedding dress, please bring them along, they can be a great inspiration!

4. Is there anything else I need to consider?

We would be very happy if you appear fresh, with discreet make-up only and without too much perfume. Our dresses will appreciate that as well.

5. How many people can accompany me?

You are welcome to bring up to 3 people so we can easily find enough space at our store for you.

6. Do you have every size of the dresses at the website?

There are very different models and not every model is suitable for every size. Our buyers choose the most beautiful dresses from the manufacturers’ collections and do their best to provide you with widest and most interesting range of wedding dresses and evening gowns at our store. So you will always find you perfect dress with us.

7. What are the prices of the dresses?

The price for simpler dresses starts at 699,- €. More sophisticated wedding dresses, e.g. made of lace or with lavish tulle skirts are available from 998,- €. The maximum price limit is around 4500,- €, it is all about exquisite materials and unique designs. We also offer registry office dresses and evening gowns from around 200,- €. 

Additionally, we offer two bonus packages, with which you can save a little more if you make a decision at the first appointment. Package 1: For the decision-makers and Package 2: For those who are willing to save. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information during your visit. These offers are only valid during your first appointment. Should you decide on your dress at a later date or need another appointment/consultation, we can no longer grant you a discount. Alternatively, you can visit our “My Wedding Dress” outlet if it feels more considerable budget-wise. 



8. Do I have to pay anything to get an advise from DIVA?

DIVA’s advising time is usually 1.5 hours during your appointment. If you need more time or further consultation, we reserve the right to charge a fee of 25,- € per hour or part thereof. The fee will be charged when you buy the dress.

9. Where should I buy accessories for my dress?

We recommend you to choose the accessories while buying your wedding dress at the store. Once you have your wedding dress on, you can see which accessories go with it and suit it perfectly. Ultimately, the overall impression is important to create the perfect bridal outfit. We kindly ask you to take into account that we can only advise you while buying accessories in our store. If you would like to try on accessories bought elsewhere, you can pay for your dress in full and take it home with you to try on everything in peace and quiet. Just bring your dress back to your alteration or fitting appointment.


10. Do you have bridal dresses for pregnant women?

We have many beautiful wedding dresses which are also suitable for pregnant brides and can be tailored to the pregnant body. We would be happy to assist you on this matter.

11. Do you offer the in-house tailoring services?

Yes, our tailors are exquisite professionals, have many years of experience and special expertise in working with bridal and evening gowns. They come to our store only to meet with you and to adjust your dress. You can also visit our tailors directly at their studios if it is more convenient for you. If you want to take your wedding dress with you after you buy it and take care of the fitting date yourself, we can even give you a discount (we will explain everything about our bonus packages during your first appointment).

12. Are the changes or adjustments included in the price of a dress?

No, the adjustments are not included in the price. In this way, you only pay for the actual alterations to your dress and the tailor’s work, instead of paying an unfair flat rate that was included in the price of the dress in advance. 

13. What should I bring to the alteration or fitting appointment?

Besides your dress (if you have taken it already) you will need three important things at the fitting appointment with the tailor (in case they are haven’t been bought and stored at our store): a hoop skirt (if your wedding dress requires one); a corsage/bra/push-ups; shoes. Since the fitting appointment is a working day for the tailor we ask you to bring no more than 1 or 2 guests with you in case you want anyone to accompany you. If you need accessories for your bridal outfit, we kindly ask you to buy them from us in advance. The tailor will only make adjustments to your dress on the desired date and will not be able to sell you anything.

14. What are the payment options?

You can pay for your dress in cash, by EC card or a credit card. If you cannot pay in full, the pre-payment of 50% is required anyway.

15. Do you lend wedding dresses?

No, that is something we don’t do. However, there are many cheaper dresses under 1000, – € in our “My wedding dress” outlet store.

16. Do you buy used wedding dresses?

No, because we only deal with new dresses and buy them exclusively from our manufacturers.

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